Please also read the normal tutorials. This document is only intended to tell you what the tutorials didn't, and putting it all together concisely.

svk depotmap --init
# Create your repo

svk depotmap --relocate ~/.svk/local/ /var/svk/
mv ~/.svk/local/ /var/svk/
#optionally move it to another disk, if you don't want it in your dotfiles in home

cd /path/to/source/1.7.3/; tar xjf mozilla-1.7.3-source.tar.bz2
svk mkdir //mozilla/stable/
svk import //mozilla/stable/1.7.3/ /path/to/source/1.7.3/mozilla/
# get a Mozilla 1.7.3 tarball into repo

svk cp //mozilla/stable/1.7.3/ //mozilla/stable/1.7.6/
# Make 1.7.6 a "branch" (or "continuation") of 1.7.3, so that svk knows that 1.7.6 derives from 1.7.3. That will be important for space of the repo as well as for merges.
# Warning: Don't do svk mkdir //mozilla/stable/1.7.6/; svk cp //mozilla/stable/1.7.3/ //mozilla/stable/1.7.6/ -- that would create //mozilla/stable/1.7.6/1.7.3/ ! I did that, and only realized it after importing and branching, and had to redo the repo.

svk import //mozilla/stable/1.7.6/ /path/to/source/1.7.6/mozilla/
# Now //mozilla/stable/1.7.6/ has the actual 1.7.6 source, boldly  overwriting the 1.7.3 that was in there

svk cp //mozilla/stable/1.7.6/ //beonex/stable/current/
# Create a branch for my Mozilla derivate
svk co //beonex/stable/current/ mozilla/
# Checkout to disk
[skipped: get beonex in there]

svk cp //beonex/stable/current/ //beonex/feature/no-stinking-referrers/
# Create a branch for a feature I'm about to implement
cd mozilla/xpfe/; emacs foobar
svk commit
[skipped: many more]
svk smerge --incremental //beonex/feature/no-stinking-referrers/ //beonex/stable/current/
# check anti-referrer feature into beonex trunk
svk mkdir //beonex/feature/updater/
# make dir for new module, so that I can have several branches for that feature
svk cp //beonex/stable/current/ //beonex/feature/updater/current/
# always remember not to mkdir the leafnode that you intend to make your branch
[and so on]