Bash_memory is a game that can be played on a computer or with paper and with any number of players.


  1. Collect any number of .bash_history files, but always 2 different ones from each user.
  2. Strip all file and directory names from them.
  3. Throw them together, so that the players can't see the origin (original owners) of the files. However, a master should be able to tell the origin at the end of the game.
The master can be a computer program, a player or a third person.


The goal is to sort the files again, i.e. to put together the two files of the same original owner.

All players search in the same heap of files for matches. If a player thinks he found two corresponding files, he puts them aside. This decision is final.

After some limited time or after all players gave up the search, the guessed matches are checked by the master.

The player with the largest number of correct matches minus wrong matches wins.