Description and discussion


  1. UI, Part 1: button and menuentry for creation of annotations
  2. Creation of annotations (adding headers to compose code)
  3. (Re)Storing of annotations (overwriting the existing one. The current compose code just stores in draft folder.)
  4. Let the message store know the existance of annotations (create/store connections between annotations and messages)
  5. UI, Part 2: showing, opening and deletion of existing annotation
  6. Change the copying code to copy annotations, too.
  7. UI, Part 3: Message Folder
  8. Hope, that I didn't misunderstand or miss something, especially in (4) or (6)


Changed Files

  1. UI 1 (completed)
    1. messenger.xul
    2. locale/en-US/messenger.dtd
    3. widgetglue.js
    4. commandglue.js
  2. Create
    1. nsIMsgCompose.idl
    2. nsMsgCompose.cpp: I18N
    3. allxpstr.h (MK_MSG_ANNOTATION_RECIPIENT): Name
  3. Storage

The way to a message

Serveral steps left out