Requests info from the user.


Gives the ability to change/enter a value of a basic data type.

  1. line 1-3 (if available, at most half of the screen): Description. Not editable.

  2. Rest of lines: edit widget


Gives the ability choose one of multiple choices.

  1. line 1-3 (if available): Description. Not editable.

  2. Rest of lines (but at least 3 lines): Shows a choice widget.


Displays a text string to the user and optionally requests a decision.

  1. All lines: Description. Not editable.

Relationsship Edit

Gives the ability to change a relationship.

  1. Opens a choice dialog with possible target objects as choices.

This should not be flat, but a hierarchy, if appropriate.


Displays the attribute read-only, and gives the option to change it.

  1. First line: Object name. Not editable.

  2. Second line: Attribute name. Not editable.

  3. Rest of lines: Current attribute value. Not editable. If the “attribute” is a pointing relationsship, the name of the target object is displayed as value.